Bonfire Night Food Ideas to ‘Light Up’ your Business

Add a firework of flavours to your menu with our wholesale offers

Say bon -appetit-fire night! Food businesses everywhere are adding sparkly specials to their menus to celebrate big firework event. Whether it’s adding a new dish to your menu or arranging a whole catering event, simple changes can make a huge difference to your business.   

Our customers love this theme throughout autumn, so the fun doesn’t have to stop at one night! What’s more, with J.Buckland’s wholesale offers, you can get a bigger whiz-ball for your buck. Get your fire going with some of our favourite products, so you can really show some ‘flare’ this year… 

Firecracker Sandwich Fillings

Firework night is a celebration of colour and spice to warm up a chilly evening! So, for the perfect bonfire night sandwich, we recommend our blazing firecracker sauce - a fiery chilli marinade with peppers and onions. Every portion is made to order, fresh in-house, so you can always be sure that it arrives fresh and tasty. These are amazing served cold or toasted. 

Our favourite firecracker fillings and other popular spicy flavours include: 

Looking for more flavours that burst without the spice? Check out all of our popping sandwich fillings here.   

Traditional Bonfire Food: Banging Sausages!

Bonfire night wouldn’t be the same without bangers! A comfort on an autumn evening, we recommend our fresh and traditional herby LincolnshirePork & Apple, or Pork & Leek Sausages. We also have veggie sausages as a meat-free option. To ignite your customers’ hearts, don’t forget to serve with a side of moreish mash or in a lovely hotdog roll

To take the firework theme further, you can get creative by making ‘coiled sausages’ for a ‘Catherine Wheel’ sausage surprise! We even have extra long sausages and rings at the ready to make this all the more easier and fun. Take a look at our Cumberland Sausage Rings 6oz or 8oz or Cumberland Extra Long Sausage. Or for something with a dash of colour, get hot-diggidy-dog with our ravishing red Jumbo Saveloys! You’ll be sure to get some jaws dropping. 

Other Delicious Recipes For Firework Night 

You can make an enchanting Bangin’ Bacon & Beef Burger with our premium ‘flaming’ burgers and freshly sliced bacon. Simply offer with a dash of chilli sauce and a mighty slice of Monterey Jack Cheese, and you’ll have some very happy campers. For a vegetarian version, check out our Spicy Vegetable Bean Burger. You might even like to serve with a mini sparkler for extra pizzazz!

Feeling like chicken on Firework Night? We’ve got some poultry flavours that pow-pow! We’ve got a whole display of tasty escalope flavours, including our specially seasoned Hot & Spicy Chicken Escalopes and Smokey BBQ Chicken Escalopes

If you’re looking for something to carve for the crowd, make your own firecracker brisket by baking a beef brisket in a sweet, smoky sauce with a chilli kick. Our Extra Hot Chilli sauce gives an extra kick to any dish - mix it with our BBQ sauce and you’ll have a mind-blowing meat!

Campfire Sweet Treats & Finger Food

Make Bonfire Night all that sweeter with mouth-watering treats! Our Caramel Apple Pie has perfect melt-in-your-mouth consistency with feel-good sweet flavours that are perfect for Autumn. Or for that all-American campfire experience, serve up our dark and sweet sticky Treacle Tarts. 

Another easy way to add glitter and flicker to your cake display is by adorning our colourful assorted cupcakes with sparkling confectionery. For savoury treats, we’ve got a cracking range of cheese! Check out our Fiery Dragon & Chilli Cheese - fantastic cut into ‘star’ shapes on crackers and bursting with flavours! 

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