Halloween Ideas for your Food Catering Business

Discover all the spooktacular Halloween specials at J.Buckland, your wholesale supplier

Are you on the ‘haunt’ for Halloween ideas for your food catering business? Fear no more… with our scarily scrumptious food and spookily low prices, you’ll be jumping out of your seat!

It’s so much fun adding Halloween specials to your menu, and your customers will be howling for them. With everything from party snacks, to dinner, and desserts, we’re bringing you all the ingredients so you can be a crafty caterer this year. Plus, with our wholesale prices, there are no tricks… just lots of treats! 

Frightfully Fresh Halloween Sandwich Fillings

Open wide and say AHHH to our BOOtiful Halloween-themed sandwich fillings! Here are some of our favourites for the scary event: 

We have so many wholesale sandwich fillings to choose from in our wide range, the only question is: which sandwich is witch? Mwahahaha. 

Say Happy Halloween With Orange & Green

With spine-chilling stories shared and a cold bite in the air, Halloween is an ideal time to offer something warm and spicy to your customers. So, to tame even the most grumbly of monster tummies, we recommend our range of spooky soups! These are bubble, bubble, no toil nor trouble to serve at this time of year.

Our carrot and coriander soup is a cosy contender for your Halloween specials,  perfectly warm and orange for all throughout Autumn. Or, for a soup that oozes flavour, our pea and ham soup carries a vibrant green colour that makes a great monster blood soup!

Just be sure to serve with our part-baked petit pains bread and butter for a fang-tastic bite. 

Devilish Dinners and Sides

Thanks to its versatility, our very lean 95% steak mince is a classic favourite for Halloween recipes – a ‘stake’ in the heart for many! We recommend rustling it up to make a ‘ghoul-ash’ feast, gourmet ‘goblin’ meatballs, or stuffed peppers with meaty ‘brains’!

For a brilliant beastly bite, your customers will go werewolf wild for our U.S. Beef Burgers! These can be fancy-dressed into some faBOOlous burger designs – think sliced cheese for fangs, pickles for a tongue, olives for eyes, and salsa for monster blood! You can even serve your dishes with scary sides - think ‘monster mash’ with our mashed potatoes, or perhaps chips dipped in ‘grave’ gravy.

More Halloween Food Tricks to Offer

Our succulent fresh sausages make a moreish ‘mummy-themed’ snack! A clever trick is enrobing these sausages in layers of pastry. Or for something a bit more ‘spooktacular’, you can even do this with a larger piece of meat, such as our boneless pork loins cooked in a tissue-like filo pastry. Just add a sign that says ‘Tutan-come in’, and you’ll be attracting mummies and pharaohs alike!

Another easy way to serve something spooky is this tantalising twist on a hot-dog. Just carve out shapes into our Jumbo Saveloys, add features and toppings, and simply add some ketchup to give that horrific bloody effect! Happy Halloweenie, indeed.

Or how about haunted Halloween pasta? Our tri-colour of pasta fusilli is a great way of adding seasonal shades green and orange to your dishes. These spirals hold a lot of sauce, too, making it the perfect base for a spicy tomato dressing. Nom-nom!

Startling Spooky Platters

Get the terror train going with some really tasty snacks, starters and sides. You can make your own monster feast by easily moulding, spreading and decorating some of the finest fondue into scary shapes, including our cheesesliced meats and more.

For a platter that really splatters, go-to appetisers to creep into your menu include our cheese range, plentiful pates, and spreadable houmous. You can effortlessly form into ghost-like creams and dips, or try cutting cheese into shapes to make ‘cackling’ crackers!

To make a pizzAHHH snack that screams, you can bake cheese into ghastly shapes on a base, and top with our continental deli meats shaped as eyes, teeth and other-monster like features. Serve as a monster-meat-feast pizza that your customers will be ‘goblin’ it! 

Halloween Wholesale Candy and Sweets

We know Halloween wouldn’t be the same without some eye-popping candy! So, we’ve got a spooky variety of sweet snacks, cakes and decadent desserts that will spellbind your customers. Take a look at our assorted muffins and ice cupcakes, that are perfect for adorning with Halloween-themed characters and edible decorations. If you’ve got it, haunt it!

Make Your Halloween Food Order for Next Day Delivery

Looking to get your Halloween food order quicker than a witch’s broom? Fortunately for our customers, we offer free next day delivery in the South East and London, so you can get your order fresh and quick. We won’t ghost you! 

If you want to find out more about how we can help you cater for Halloween, or for any other dates ahead, we’d be thrilled to help. Contact our friendly team on 01268 966056 or contact us to make an enquiry. 

Plus, be sure to take a look at our Monthly Specials, and stay up-to-date with our Food Calendar for food ideas all year round!