Best Burger Trends for Your Food Business in 2019

Discover all the best burger trends at J.Buckland, your wholesale supplier.

Bring on the burgers! National Burger Day is just around the corner, this 27th August 2019, which has got the team at J.Buckland so excited over our brilliant burger range! To celebrate, we’re bringing all our flaming hot offers and ideas to your table…

Whether it’s a for a Summer BBQ or an Autumn bonfire event, the burger is a contender all year around, not just for one of our favourite food awareness days this year! With our fresh and frozen meats available, plus veggie delights, we’ve got everything you need to add burger specials to your menu.

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Fresh & Frozen Beef Burger Suppliers

Beef is the most trending burger meat on the market! We have been serving the food trade with beef burgers for decades, so we know a thing or two about what makes a brilliant burger. From our own in-house produced burgers to imported quality beef, every product we sell is produced to the highest quality meat standards.

Our very own J.Buckland classic U.S. 4oz burgers are loved and trusted our customers for their high meat content and premium quality taste. With every burger bite, you can count on a burst of tasty, juicy flavours! Delivered in boxes of 48 per portion and frozen, you can store these and simply cook as and when you need them.

‘Meat’ our extended range of signature beef burger styles that will sizzle your customer’s taste-buds, including our flame grilled cooked burger or our special steakhouse burgers. Also coming in packs of 48, you’ll really hit the trend ‘mark’ with these!

Looking for something more ‘rare’ to offer your customers? Serve straight from the griddle with our fresh gourmet burgers, coming in 4oz6oz or even a whopping 8oz!

Meaty Beef Burger Alternatives 

Our battered chicken burgers are lovely with or without a bun. Made with whole chicken breast meat, they are shaped in a light, crispy batter, giving a delicious and fresh bite. Yummy with J. Buckland’s famous mayonnaise and lettuce, or topped with BBQ sauce and a slice of burger cheese. You can do so much with it!

A posh take on the patty, we also sell fresh gourmet lamb & mint burgers, offered in both 4oz or 6oz portions. These have been truly captivated by our customers, so much so we think they may need to come with their own disclaimer: addictively moreish! 

Meatless Options: Veggie Burger Suppliers

Here at J.Buckland, we’re committed to catering for every diet. The veggie burger has become increasingly popular, as many customers now opt for meat-free options. 

Our spicy bean burgers pack a powerful punch of taste and textures! Made up chiefly with red kidney beans and coated in breadcrumbs, these are absolutely fantastic served up with salsajalapeno peppers, fresh lettuce and tomato. You can really give yourself a ‘patty’ on the back with this one! 

We also have the classic veggie burger for that traditional taste everyone knows and loves. Available in packs of 30, these combine a blend of wholesome, real vegetables in a real tasty patty.

Still searching for more vegetarian and vegan options? Read more about some of our favourites here.

Burger Bun Suppliers

No matter which patty you choose, no burger is complete without a fresh, golden bun. So, love your burgers from top to bottom with our perfectly firm and fluffy buns! Fully baked and ready to go, our selection of burger buns come in both frozen or fresh options, including:

Looking to offer an alternative to the bun? Browse all our bread products here.   

Burger Sauce & Toppings Suppliers

Get your customers’ taste-buds racing with our tantalising range of burger toppings! You can sell your burgers around the clock by simply adding the right textures and flavours. For instance – create the ultimate brunch burger with egg, fresh bacon and burger cheese! Or perhaps you can get your customers to say ‘I do’ with an onion ring? The world is your burger!

Plus, you can take your burgers to the next level with our selection of sauces! All available in 1 litre bottles, some of our favourite classics and twists include: 

It’s easy-squeezy to add more to your burger! Browse our whole sauce selection here.

Adding new, fresh and different cheeses to your customers is also very trendy! From simple burger cheese, to a stronger mature sliced cheddar cheese, to a fancy sliced mozzarella, find out more about our barrel of best cheeses here

We also stock burger boxes – in both small or large sizes – so you can also offer your delicious burgers to take-away! 

Your Delicious Wholesale Burger Suppliers in Essex

Are you ready for your next wholesale delivery for National Burger Day success? From simple burgers to something more gourmet, we can deliver whatever you require at fabulous prices! Plus, we offer free next day delivery across the South East and London*, so you can rely on your burgers delivered on time at a fantastic price.

Plus, have you seen our Food Calendar? There are seasonal events to celebrate all throughout the year! Stay up to date with our Weekly Specials for sandwich fillings, as well as our Monthly Offers on all products. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with all our latest news. *Note: some products are pre-order.