Best Cheese For Your Food Business in 2019

Are you on the hunt for the best cheese? Look no further than J.Buckland, your wholesale suppliers.

We are absolutely ‘crackers’ for cheese, stocking all types, shapes and sizes to cater to any foodservice needs. All specially chosen for their distinctive taste and quality, we’ve a whole variety of British and continental cheeses for you to buy. So, whether it’s a whole block, single-sliced, or ready-grated, we’re cutting all the best offers at fantastic prices!

With our decades of experience serving the food catering in Essex, we’ve been around the cheese block a few times, so we know a top product when we taste it. Plus, with wholesale savings passed right onto you, our deals are really not to be squeaked at! Be sure to say cheese to our monthly offers here.

Cheddar Cheese Blocks

Cheddar cheese is traditionally popular in sandwiches, on jacket potatoes, or sprinkled on pasta. It’s the perfect complement to most recipes. Mild, medium or mature? We’ve got all the mmm’s!

Our mighty Minstrel Cheddar cheese 5kg blocks come in both mild or extra mature strengths. Minstrel Mild Cheese has a smooth, rounded flavour and versatile for everyday use, while Extra Mature Cheese can really add a strong flavoursome punch to your dishes.

Also, if you want a Cheddar cheese block especially made for sandwiches, check out our perfectly balanced 2.5kg Sandwich-Style Mild Cheese Block.

More Cheese Blocks, Wedges and Logs

With our wide variety of cheese blocks and wedges, you can take your customers from one side of the cheese spectrum to the other! All pre-packed and fresh, other favourites include:

Or hello, is it brie you’re looking for? We’ve a bountiful range of brie cheeses, including Petit Brie 1kg and Brie Portions 180g.

Grated and Sliced Cheese Suppliers

For those busy food services that require fast cheese at the ready, you’ll be ‘grateful’ for these! For extra cheesy convenience, our ready-grated and pre-sliced cheeses are sealed for ultimate freshness, so you can take the pressure off and serve straight away. 

Sliced cheese is also fabulous in knocking up quick sandwiches and baguettes, or for simply adding to burgers on your menu. Our selection of sliced cheeses include:

Grated cheese is… ahem… great indeed! Whether it’s for a simple cheese sandwich, a fresh-baked pizza or a sprinkle on pasta, a handful can go a very long way. Some of our favourites include:

 Other cheeses that are fabulous for restaurants, cafes and delis include: 

We also do a fantastic range of Cheese Sandwich Filling products, all freshly made to order and ready to serve!

Cheese Selections and More

Are you fondue of all cheeses? Your dream cheeseboard awaits!  Our cheese selections come in a wide variety of flavours, from traditional tastes to seasonal sensations.

Time to play cheese roulette with our fun cheese wheels! Enjoy all the reds and blues with our cheese selections. We’ve an assortment of cheeses all in beautifully packaged wheels, spinning a whirlwind of flavours, including:

For cheese that is as characteristic as you are, our Snowdonia cheese range also packs powerful, quirky and fun flavours! Explore our Black Bomber Range 6 x 200g, including creamy and smooth extra mature Cheddar in a range of tastes.

Your Next Day Delivery Cheese Suppliers

Looking for your next cheese-tastic delivery? With J.Buckland, we offer free and fast next-day delivery across South East and London, so you can get your cheese block around the clock! We also provide all the other finest foods you need to accompany your cheese, including sliced meatsbreadbuffet foods and more food products.

Still can’t find the cheese you’re looking for? Call one of our friendly advisors on 01268 966056 or contact us to make an enquiry.