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Wholesale tuna products that will catch your customers’ attention this summer

Are you looking for products that will ‘catch’ your customers’ attention this summer? Dive right into our offers and inspiration for your food business! With sports events at their peak and food celebration days aplenty, we’re ‘netting’ all the best foods so you can add more to your menu! From savoury snacks to delicious desserts, read on for all the ‘bait’ you need to keep your customers coming back for more…

Offer Something Fresh with Canned Tuna

People love to eat clean and fresh in the summer, so why not offer them a product right from the sparkling ocean? Tuna is very popular at this time of year and there is so much you can do with it. It’s perfect for sandwiches, in pasta, as a jacket potato filler or with salad, you can even make your own tuna burgers at those BBQ events! For an easy dressing, simply add to J.Buckland Luxury Mayonnaise, onion, celery and black pepper.

Now, you can make the most of this delicious fish with our excellent quality Tuna Chunks in Brine! Full of natural meaty flavour, our lovely tuna chunks are thick and freshly canned, so all you have to do is open the can and serve how you please. These are adaptable to make a whole raft of hearty and healthy recipes, great for serving at delishotelscoffee shops and more.  Plus, it’s ideal for those customers do not like the ‘mushy’ texture of flaked tuna!

Special for summer, we have them coming in tremendous tins of 1.7kg -  you can get these individually or in a case of 6.

Tuna Sandwich Fillings at the Ready

Ready-to-serve sandwich fillings are an easy way for food services to plate something quick and delicious for their customers. So, for that extra convenience and a wave of flavours, we also have a ‘tunaverse’ of sandwich fillings for swift delivery! All freshly made to order, some of our most popular tuna sandwich fillings include:

Yum! Talk about the putting the Fresh, Unusual and Nice into summer FUN! Also be sure to swim through our other fishy sandwich fillings on site!

Cheese Ploughman Sandwich Filling

While all our sandwich fillings are spectacular throughout summer, the Cheese Ploughman is a standout British staple that’s loved by many. Creamy yet zingy, and light yet mighty, this is a crowd-pleasing filling that satisfies vegetarian and meat-eating folk alike!

But of course, with all the layers entailed in the Ploughman, it’s quite a task to knock up a batch of these at once! So, at J.Buckland, we’re making it easy and tasty for you to serve this classic with our special Ploughman’s Mix Sandwich Filling. With a blend of Red Leicester cheese, Cheddar cheese, crisp spring onion, and a classic mayonnaise, all the work has been done so all you have to do is spread and serve!

Looking for more sandwich fillings? We’ve many more sandwich fillings in our range. Every single recipe is freshly made to order every single time, so rest assured it will be delivered fresh to you. Plus, if you have your own sandwich filling idea for a special summer event, we’d be happy to help you put something together. Get in touch and see if we can make your dream sandwich filling come true!

Something For Dessert? Frozen Cakes and Bakes

Summer wouldn’t be the same without something sweet! From decadent desserts to tantalising treats, we’ve got everything you need to ‘sweeten’ the deal! The best part? Most of these cakes come in frozen or freshly sealed, so they’ll always keep fresh until you are ready to serve.

Bursting with berry flavours and deep in chocolate, we have the  beautifully layered dessert that will blossom your customers’ day…

Perfect for summer, we’re delighted to introduce our Strawberry Sensation Cake. Picture this: two layers of deliciously fluffy sponge smothered with strawberry mousse, decorated with glazed strawberries and biscuit crumbs, with a slither of chocolate fudge and biscuit. We all know that strawberry and chocolate is a perfect combination, but adding an extra layer of chocolate fudge and biscuit? You have to call that sensational!

Wimbledon eat your heart out! Coming in 2.5kg with 16 pieces to portion, all that’s left to do is ask: eat in or takeaway? Have your cake and eat it here.

Other popular cakes in our range include:

Is your sweet tooth still curious? Explore more delicious desserts, cookies and sweets here.

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