Get Ready For The Ban on Plastic: Eco-Friendly Drinking Straws

Getting the right deli supplies is critical for any food business, so we’re making your switch to paper straws as easy as possible!

Are you prepared for the plastic straw ban from April 2020? Following action from the government, paper straws will be replacing plastic straws in a bid to tackle ocean pollution. However, many food businesses are getting ahead of the ‘bend’ by swapping out their plastic for eco-friendly alternatives in advance. At J.Buckland, we are making it easy for our customers to go green and cut on the costs immediately, with our new range of eco-friendly drinking straws now available to buy.

What Is The Plastic Straw Ban?

It’s the ‘last straw’ on plastic! More than 8.5 billion straws are estimated to be thrown away by the British public each year, so the government has introduced new rules to restrict the sale and use of plastic straws from April 2020. This will hopefully make way for clearer oceans and happier sea-life.

As part of the ban, shops won’t be able to sell plastic straws, but they will remain on sale by registered pharmacies and specialist stores for those that absolutely require them, such as those with special needs. Plastic stirrers will also be completely banned, so J.Buckland also have wooden stirrers at the ready.

What Is The Plastic Straw Alternative?

Many catering food services have already taken action in the transition to non-plastic straws. Leading fast-food chains and pubs are phasing them out by replacing plastic with paper alternatives, with some only keeping plastic ones behind the counter at special request. Unlike single-use plastic straws, which can take up to 200 years to break down, these paper straws only take 2 to 6 weeks to decompose. They are the new sea hero!

Where Can I Get Strong Paper Straws?

We know that many customers will be concerned the paper straw won’t be a match for plastic. So, at J.Buckland, we’ve tested all the non-plastic straws to deliver a cost-effective and durable solution that keeps everyone happy. Your customers won’t be getting the ‘short straw’ here!

Our paper straws are environmentally friendly, 100% natural, fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. This means they will break down easily when disposed and completely nature-friendly. Plus, with an extra paper layer to ensure thickness, you can assure your customers they won’t go soggy in your drinks. No mush unless it’s a slushy!

The benefits of our paper straws don’t end there. Not only can they help protect your teeth from sugary drinks and stains, but they’re also printed with all bright colours of the rainbow for a bit of retro fun. You can be ahead of the curve on plastic-free and on trend!

You can order a pack of 250 paper straws from us for only £3.86. Now, that’s something to raise your glass for! You can order them here.  Plus, we also provide all fizzy and soft drinks, food products, and other cutlery and supplies so you can be all stocked up!

Order Your Paper Straws and Deli Supplies Today 

Take your next sip with J.Buckland! We know that getting the right deli supplies is critical for any food business, so we’re making your switch to paper straws as easy as possible.

We also offer free next day delivery across the South East and London*, and swift delivery across the rest of the UK, so you can go plastic-free within days. Call one of our helpful advisors on 01268 966056 or contact us to make an enquiry.