National Picnic Week: Vegan Sausage Rolls & More

Hurray! More plant-based options are now available in our range, including our new super tasty sausage rolls for meat-lovers & vegans!

Are you celebrating National Picnic Week this year? Taking place between 21st – 30th June 2019, people all over the UK are loading up their baskets for a good old-fashioned picnic! At J. Buckland, we’re making it super easy for our customers to serve only the finest foods that cater to everyone. So, get ready to go all out and al fresco!

With a taste for meat-free choices soaring this year, more plant-based options are now available in our range, including our new super tasty sausage rolls for meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans! So, take your pick-nic from our summer deals… 

Roll on Summer with Vegan Sausage Rolls!

Roll out the blanket and grab yourself a sausage roll! These lovely layered sausages are the essential buffet food, making perfect for a picnic. The vegan sausage roll has also been an absolute hit in the market this year. Now with J.Buckland, you can offer your customers 100% vegan option…

Our brand-new Vegan Sausage Rolls are believed to be so good that you can’t believe they are meat-free. They’re made using speciality mushrooms so they’re plant-based, sustainable and scrumptious. We anticipate these vegan sausage rolls will be an absolute sell-out, so hurry! Get 140g x 40 for only £16.50 (on special offer throughout June) here.

For meat-lovers, we have freshly baked King Size Sausage Rolls available – supplied completely separately from our vegan products. Filled with supreme meat, these are prepared daily and delivered fresh to your door. Deserving of a King’s Picnic Banquet, we would say! Get a box of 12 for just £7.20 this month here.

Vegan Pastries and Pie Suppliers

Want more vegan options to add to your menu? For a moment to savour, offer your customers a bite of our savoury vegan puff pastry slice! With layers of light and crisp pastry, this wholesome and delicious bake is packed with a yummy sage and apple savoury filling. Simply bake and serve at your picnic event. Get 185g x 30 for only £16.50 here.

There are also some divine vegan pot pies available in our range. These include Soya Mince & Vegetable PieMediterranean Vegetable Pie and Vegetarian Chilli Con Carne Pie.

More Buffet Foods, Sandwich Fillings and Deli Supplies

A picnic wouldn’t be the same without all those nibbly bits, spreads, and fillings for your sandwiches! Some of our customer favourites include spicy samosas and onion bhajis, plus our amazing selection of freshly made sandwich fillings. We sell all the picnic necessities such as Scotch eggspork pies and quiche. There’s nothing half-baked about these offers!

You can’t go wrong with some popular picnic classics like the ham and cheese sandwich. We have a wide variety of sliced meats for sandwiches, including hambeefturkey and more! Our J.Buckland Luxury Mayonnaise is a must-have accompaniment with every meat, and we additionally have wraps and baguettes to offer. We also have a wheel of cheeses so you can add more layers... cheese board, anyone?

Plenty of sweet treats to delight and satisfy your customers too! Explore our decadent range of Desserts, Cakes & Creams. Pssst… Don’t forget to stock up on the fizzy too! See all our various drinks here.

Getting the right deli supplies is critical to any picnic event! At J.Buckland, we’ve got it all wrapped up with Foil, Clingfilm, Bags, Serviettes and more! Also see our Paper Straws, Food Containers and Cutlery.

Houmous for Healthy Eating Week

Did you know Healthy Eating Week also happens in June? Especially for this event, ‘houmous’ is where the heart is! At a time to encourage healthier choices, it’s a great excuse to spread out this powerful pot of goodness. Bursting with flavour, this Middle Eastern cuisine packs a blend of chickpeas, lemon, tahini, olive oil and garlic!  Simply dip vegetable sticks, crackers or pitta bread. Pre-order may be necessary so order it quick! Available in a 1kg tub for only £3.10 this month here.

Make your Picnic One Remember with J.Buckland

Whatever your picnic needs, J.Buckland have it all! We also offer free next day delivery across the South East and London*, so you can rely on your picnic food delivered on time and at a pleasant price.

Call one of our helpful advisors on 01268 966056 or contact us to make an enquiry. Plus, stay up to date with our Weekly Specials for sandwich fillings, as well as our Monthly Offers on all products, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated with all of our latest news. *Note: some products are a pre-order.