J.Buckland Celebrates British Sandwich Week 2019

Mouthwatering sandwich filling ideas to inspire your menus this British Sandwich Week

Are you looking for those bread-winning ideas for British Sandwich Week this year? Spreading the sandwich sensation on 19th May, this annual event comes as an ideal time to add some spectacular sandwich fillings to your menu and help you stand out from the crowd.

As the leading supplier of sandwich fillings in Essex for delis, coffee shops, schools, hotels and more – we’re serving our customers everything they need for British Sandwich Week. We are helping businesses just like you be the ‘upper crust’ and deliver their customers the best flavours and ingredients! Read on for our latest sandwich filling ideas and offers…

Save Your Dough with our Online Bread Bakery

Did you know that British Tomato Week runs at the same time as British Sandwich Week? One big party! So, ‘baguette’ ready for our sandwich filling combo deal… where you can order 30 baguettes and a whole KG of our specially chosen sandwich filling for just £10.99. Just think how many sandwiches you’ll make and sell!

Special this month, our Cajun and Tomato Chicken Sandwich Filling is the star of this to-May-to show! With sliced chicken in a creamy Cajun sauce, this offers a perfect blend of zesty, spicy and savoury flavours to kick up your sandwich menu a delicious notch.

British Tomato Week Sandwich Filling

Making British Tomato Week mightier fine, J.Buckland have prepared a sandwich filling line that’s fresh from the vine! Bursting with flavours, one of our favourite tomato sandwich fillings is: 

Don’t miss out! With sandwich fillings this tasty, your customers’ taste-buds will be singing ‘from my crust to-ma-toes’.

Add Mayonnaise to Your Sandwiches

Our own luxurious Buckland’s mayonnaise is an absolute essential to properly celebrate British Sandwich Week. Tried and tested to perfection, simply spread a thin layer of our mayo when making up your delicious sandwiches. Available in both 5 Litre and 10 Litre tubs, you can order as much as you like - all on special discount this month.

We’ve also got sliced meats aplenty that dreamily match this mayonnaise, including sliced hamroast beef, turkey and more. So, get ready for some mayo madness this May!

Sandwich Filling Recipes for Everyone

From traditional favourites to new flavours – with the likes of a classic Chicken Mayo to zingy Firecracker Chicken – we have a huge selection of sandwich fillings so you can make up your own dream menu this British Sandwich Week. What’s more, all our sandwich fillings are halal-produced, with gluten-free and vegetarian options available, so you can cater for everyone! 

Got your own sandwich filling idea? We can also knock up bespoke sandwich filling orders for your business. Get in touch with what you have in mind and we’ll happily try to accommodate your request!

Plus, beyond British Sandwich Week, you can make every week new and exciting with J.Buckland! We have our own special weekly sandwich filling offers so you can offer your customers something new every week. So be sure to ‘crumb’ back and get these offers on a week-to-week basis.

Order Sandwich Fillings Online Today – Next Day Delivery

Are you ready for your next wholesale delivery for British Sandwich Week success? You can ‘crust’ in us! All our sandwich filling recipes are freshly prepared to order and are SALSA accredited under the strictest food safety standards, so you only get the finest ingredients with a great shelf life. 

We offer free next day delivery across the South East and London*, so you can rely on your food delivered on time and at a fantastic price. Call one of our friendly advisors on 01268 966056 or contact us to make an enquiry.

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