Spring Sandwich Filling Ideas from J.Buckland

Grab your basket and get your fill on our latest Spring ideas…

Are you looking for sandwich filling ideas that will awaken your customers’ taste-buds? The season of new beginnings, Spring comes as a spectacular time to offer your customers fresh and exciting sandwich filling that burst with flavours. At J.Buckland, we know how important it is to plan your menu in advance, so we have a huge variety of sandwich fillings to help you get your ‘eggs’ in a row this year.

Wholesale offers on egg sandwich fillings

Easter is the prime time to feature the trusted egg as the star ingredient on your sandwich filling menu. So, let’s get cracking with some of our special egg sandwich fillings…

A British favourite – the egg mayonnaise sandwich must be one of the greatest sandwich fillings of all time. Creamily comforting, yet simple and sumptuous, this classic filling is a delight that brings pleasure to many. At J. Buckland, we’re so egg-static about this sandwich filling that we have our Coronation Egg Mayo Sandwich Filling as our leading offer this April!

Perfectly balanced with the right proportion of mayonnaise, eggs and seasoning – we’ve a whole range of egg sandwich fillings that are freshly prepared to order in our very own state-of-the-art kitchen in Essex. Our most popular egg sandwich fillings include: 

 Got your own ‘egg-citing’ sandwich filling idea? We can also create to bespoke orders. Get in touch with your request and we may be able to whisk it up especially for you!

Spring Onion Sandwich Fillings

In Spring, lighter and fresher tastes come into play, and people are looking for flavours that bring a little bit of extra zest to their day. So, what better way to lift up your sandwich filling menu with the mighty spring onion

While traditional onions can often overpower other flavours, this young onion has a similar yet much milder taste that can add a fresh dimension to any sandwich - so you can add that final zingy touch your customers are looking for! Great served in bread, a bagel or a baguette, our spring onion sandwich fillings include: 

Still in a pickle over your onion flavours? For something a bit tangy and rich, check out our Pickle Power select mature cheddar Snowdonia Cheese wheels! These are great sliced up in a sandwich or served with crackers. We’ve also got the classic Branston pickles in stock.

Ham Sandwich Filling Suppliers  

A ham salad is a classic Spring-time sandwich filling, but there’s so much more to fuel your ‘ham-bition’! Whether you’re serving a fancy Easter ham platter or a deli-sub to go al-fresco, our ham is of the highest premium quality for your customers. We do a whole variety of ham sandwich fillings including:

Or if you want to offer your customers something a bit more luxurious,  check out our British fresh sliced ham or sliced honey roast ham. Totally fancy and proper British, these slices are fit for Royalty and your punters alike. You’ll be putting the ham in Buckingham Palace!

J.Buckland Making your Spring Foodservice Menu

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