Veggie Month: Vegetarian & Vegan Ideas for Food Businesses

Plant-based inspiration from J. Buckland

Looking for some plant-based inspiration this Veggie Month? It’s always ideal to offer vegetarian options to your customers, but this comes as a perfect time to adapt your menu and showcase special vegetarian dishes to surprise and delight your customers’ taste-buds, for vegans, flexitarians and meat-eaters alike! From coffee shops and delis, to restaurants and hotels, food businesses all over the UK will be getting involved in Veggie Month this year.

At J. Buckland, we’ve seen how much vegetarian and vegan options have soared in popularity over the years, so we know the demand is higher than ever for animal-free products. From fresh vegetarian sandwich fillings to luxurious vegan-pot pies, we’ve got it all covered this year. Read on for some of our ideas to get your business veg-steaming ahead! 

Sunny vegetarian & vegan sandwich fillings 

You may be wondering: what fillings do vegetarians and vegans choose for their sandwiches? Don’t worry, we have a whole platter of fillings to share! These are brilliant served up in delis, coffee shops, schools, bakeries and more…

On the brink of spring, people are usually looking to bright and colourful foods that burst in freshness and clean flavours. Think rainbows of salad, veggies and pulses! That’s why at J. Buckland, we have concocted some delightful Mediterranean sandwich fillings that fit the bill of “sunshine in a sandwich”. Hearty and satisfying, some of our delectable fillings include:

Plus, created especially for this month, we’re offering a brand-new VEGAN Mediterranean Sandwich Filling - vegetables with a tomato & basil sauce mixed with falafel. Great in a toasted flatbread with sour cream and equally perfect added to pasta or a jacket potato. 

Indian inspired vegetarian sandwich fillings

With curry being one of the most popular foods in the UK, it’s no wonder that Indian inspired sandwich fillings are a favourite. So, this Veggie Month, we recommend you spice up your sandwich flavours with authentic vegetarian Indian ingredients. Bursting with spices and tantalising ingredients, these are scrumptious served cold or toasted. Or, for something a bit different, you could even serve this up with an Indian chapati. Some of our Indian sandwich fillings include:

Vegetarian sausages

To serve up a substantial hot sausage sandwich or baguette, look no further than our Brit’s favourite: the famous Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage! Known as one of the first famous faces to promote a vegetarian lifestyle, Linda McCartney has been long celebrated as a prominent figure in Veggie Month, so why not offer your customers these delicious sausages on your menu? Made with seasoned soya protein that is tasty in flavour and texture, these are delicious served with mash, red onion gravy and steamed vegetables. Or you could even chop it up into a spicy tomato pasta! See our special offer on Linda McCartney sausages this month.

Special offer: vegan pot pies

Introducing our headline of Veggie Month: our amazing VEGAN deep-filled pot pies! With a chill still in the air, your customers are looking for vegetarian options that will bring comfort and warmth. We think you’ll struggle to find a high standard vegan pie anywhere else, and the flavours are amazing. All on special offer this month, our vegetarian pie fillings include: 

Part-baked, part-frozen and hand-finished, these are incredibly fresh and easy to cook. What’s more? All three pie fillings contain NO saturated fat and are ALL cholesterol free! These are perfect served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables, being ideal for restaurants, hotels and cafes.

Your vegetarian wholefood suppliers based in Essex

Looking for a wholefood supplier that can help you prepare for Veggie Month? We’d be more than happy to help! Talk to our team about your vegetarian business needs, and we can find an option to suit your budget.

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