The Taste of 2020: 5 Top Food Trends To Expect In The New Year

Trends for your Food Business in 2020

Are you looking for new trending flavours to excite your customers in 2020? Look no further than J.Buckland’s finest foods and ideas! The success of your food business is our success, so that’s why we’re making it easy for you to incorporate new flavours into your menu in the New Year. 

With only the finest foods at wholesale prices, we’re making it easy for you to stay ahead in the New Year. To get you started, we’ve put together our insights to inspire you revolved around the biggest events and trends we expect in 2020, including: 

  • Simple ways to add Japanese-style flavours for the Tokyo Olympics
  • Blending flavours in unusual combinations
  • Getting ahead of the trend with Filipino flavours
  • Presenting the best of local and global food
  • Offering extra convenience to your customers

Tip 1: Eastern flavours inspired by the Tokyo Olympic Games

Let the games begin! Taking place from 24 July – 9 August, the Tokyo Olympics will anticipate a surge in popularity for some Japanese flavours next year, so we recommend trying to adding some exquisite oriental flavours to your menu. The games will be all the talk throughout the year, so you’re never too early to start getting in on the trend!

Sporting events are always huge for food sales. Whether you’re serving food to be eaten while watching the events live at your venue, or want to offer your customers something a little different, there’s so many ways that you can add Japanese flavours to your menu. Using our own products, here are some simple snack and meal ideas: 

You can make all these recipes with our staple favourites, enhanced by spices traditionally used in Japanese cooking, like wasabi. Stock up with our fish and seafoodpoultryricefresh and frozen vegetables. It’s easy-Japanesey with J.Buckland! 

Tip 2: Unusual ingredient pairings

Combining unexpected sweet and savoury ingredients to create exciting, original flavours has really taken off in recent years. In 2020, we’ll see ingredients being infused and blended to create new and out-of-this-world flavours to tantalise your customer’s palate! 

To make it super simple we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves. Some of our most extraordinarily innovative sandwich filling blends include:

We love the element of surprise that comes from pairing contrasting flavour profiles. Sweet bacon muffin, anyone? A fun way to create a sweet and savoury dream is by adorning our well-renowned bacon with sweet flavours, such as drizzling with maple syrup or using to top sweet treats. In fact, you can add a whole variety of flavours to our range of fresh meats! How about a caramelized sausage surprise, or beef burgers topped with strawberry jam and peanut butter?

Tip 3: Try Filipino-style food

Filipino flavours are predicted to flip the food industry in 2020, so why not give them a go? The recipes really are very simple to make. Some delightful Filipino-style dishes to taste-test include: 

  • ‘Adobo’ – the national dish of the Philippines, consisting of pork or chicken simmered in soy sauce and vinegar, with black pepper and crushed garlic. Serve with rice.
  • ‘Afritrada’ – chicken and potatoes cooked in tomato sauce. Make it simple with our sliced ready-cooked chicken breast.
  • ‘Ginililing’ – ground pork or beef with garlic, onion, soy sauce, chopped tomatoes and potatoes served with carrots, peppers and raisins. You could even try this with our special steak mince!
  • ‘Inihaw na liempo’ – grilled pork belly
  • ‘Torta’ – an omelette made out of beef mince meat and potatoes – or sometimes with crab meat or aubergine. 

We stock all the ingredients you need for the Filipino theme, including fresh meatsricefresh eggspotato products and sauces. We recommend you try adding at least one dish to your menu and see if it takes off!

Tip 4: Food provenance is key

Do you know where your food ingredients come from? Consumers are becoming more conscious about where their ingredients come from and how they are produced.

At J.Buckland, we bring the best of local and global produce together to offer our customers products they will love, following stringent guidelines with Safe and Local Supplier Approval (SALSA). SALSA is a food-safety standard written by experienced food safety experts to reflect both the legal requirements of producers and the enhanced expectations of 'best practice' of professional food buyers. We are honoured to serve the South East with the best of local produce but also source international ingredients from our trusted producers that may be harder to get.

Our golden tip: whether it’s ‘fresh from the local bakery’ or ‘authentic German sausages’, be proud of where your food comes from and let your customers know!

Some of our most trendy global products include:

Some of our most famous local products include:

Tip 5: Offer extra convenience to your customers with takeaway options

If you’re not already serving take-away food, you may like to think about serving your customers this way. Convenience and on-the-go food are also thought to take to new levels in 2020, so get all packaged up with J.Buckland! Be sure to check out our huge range of takeaway packaging and cutlery – including food containerstakeaway bagscups and lids and more. It could increase your sales dramatically! 

We’ve also got plenty of quick on-the-go snacks that you can offer your customers. Check out our wide range of savoury pasties, sausage rolls and turnover products. Or if you want to offer your customers a sweet snack to-go, be sure to also check out our wide range of desserts, cakes and creams that can be packaged to perfection.

Also, make sure you get ready for the stand against plastic straws! From April 2020, the ban against plastic straws comes into effect, so we’ve got our paper straws at the ready.

Make your order with J.Buckland for 2020

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