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Our Special Offers

Browse through a whole range of J.Bucklands current special offers! Or you can view all of our high quality produce on the Products page. Offers will not last so don't wait and miss out.

May Offer 1

Creamy Chicken Curry Sandwich Filling 1kg

Sandwich Filling Special Offer: Chicken with peppers and red onion in a creamy curry mayonnaise

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May Offer 2

Lemon Pepper Chicken wet Sandwich Filling

Sandwich Filling Special Offer: Sliced chicken in a tangy lemon sauce

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May Offer 3

Spicy Meatballs 1kg or 500g

Meatballs in a tangy tomato sauce.

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£2.99 - £4.99

May Offer 4

JB Sliced Cooked Chicken Breast 2.5kg

New Product. Frozen sliced cooked chicken breast. Great to add to a curry, stir-fry, with a salad!

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May Offer 5

Aviko Steakhouse Chips 2.27kg

The BIG ones.

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May Offer 6

Mash Potato 2.5kg (frozen)

Take the pressure off and buy ready made mash.

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May Offer 7

Victoria Sponge Cake - frozen

Classic sponge with dairy vanilla cream & strawberry jam filling. Frozen, pre portioned into 14 pieces

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