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Our Special Offers

Browse through a whole range of J.Bucklands current special offers! Or you can view all of our high quality produce on the Products page. Offers will not last so don't wait and miss out.

Nov Offer 1

Chicken and Sweetcorn Sandwich Filling 1kg

Sandwich Filling Special Offer: Sliced chicken breast in creamy mayonnaise and golden sweetcorn kernels

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Nov Offer 2

Chicken Chip Shop Curry Sandwich Filling 1kg

Sandwich Filling Special Offer: Sliced chicken breast in a classic ‘chip shop’ style curry sauce

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Nov Offer 3

Pigs in Blankets (96)

Bucklands Pigs in Blankets. 80% best quality pork sausage and Bucklands own bacon!

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Nov Offer 4

Roast Pork

Roast Pork is a premium quality, genuinely roasted product. Price per kg. Half or whole

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Nov Offer 5

Horseshoe Gammon

Uncooked - order a Gammon Horseshoe either green or smoked. Approx 5kg (price per kg)

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£3.25 - £3.50

Nov Offer 6

Boxed Hams (Bloors)

Mini Christmas boxed hams 1.5-1.6kg. Plain, Smoked, Crumbed or Honey Roast. Price per kg.

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Nov Offer 7

Festive Ham

Great flavour and great value! Butchers, get this in your window. Approx 3kg. Price per kg

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Nov Offer 8

Frozen uncooked Turkey Butterfly

Possibly the most important bird at the table! British(2.3kg) or Continental (4.5kg). Price per kg

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Nov Offer 9

Snowdonia Cheeses

Award winning premium waxed cheese range - 200g. Many flavours. Case of 6 or just go for a 200g piece!

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£2.99 - £18.60

Nov Offer 10

Cheese Board

The ever popular Windyridge Cheese boards are back again. Selection of 4 of the most popular cheeses! Must have at Christmas!

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Nov Offer 11

Windyridge Trio Selection

Great table gift!

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Nov Offer 12

Assorted Cheese Wheel 1kg

An assortment of cheeses all in a beautifully packaged wheel.

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Nov Offer 13


Many festive flavours and sizes. Fresh, frozen. Call the office for flavours and prices or view your Christmas price list.

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Nov Offer 14

Pates at Christmas - 1kg log

Flavours include: Ardennes, Brussels & Garlic, Duck & Orange or Chicken.

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Nov Offer 15

Mince Pies

Fresh Deep Filled - (20) or frozen (27) These prices are for Mince Pies.

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£7.99 - £9.25

Nov Offer 16

Christmas Yule Log 2kg

Two layers of chocolate sponge coated with rum flavoured fudge, finished with icing sugar. Frozen!

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