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Our factory is situated next door to our offices where our dedicated team process orders to your specific requirements. There is a high level of health and hygiene carried out with all of our staff being fully trained in this area. All HACAP requirements are strongly adhered to and rigorous checks are carried out throughout the year to ensure our produce is the best available for you.

Bacon has been a passion of the British public for many years and here at Buckland's we are delighted to be able to offer you one of the UK's most traditional and favourite foods. We are proud of our tradition of providing a fresh cut product to many different outlets including cafes, restaurants, delicatessens and butchers. Research has told us that our customers prefer a thicker sliced rasher to provide optimum taste.

Our bacon is freshly cut to order, thereby maximising shelf life and guaranteed freshness. We can offer our bacon in consumer sized packets for all types of businesses as well as catering sized packets for restaurants and cafes.

Our range of bacon includes rindless green back, smoked back, streaky and smoked streaky, all imported from Holland and sliced by ourselves.