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Added on Thursday 16th of January 2020

Since they’re a cheaper alternative to ordinary bacon rashers, bacon offcuts are an excellent choice for food services looking to cut down on costs whilst still packing a flavoursome punch.

J.Buckland can produce great value bacon offcuts, without compromising on taste or quality. So whether you’re a restaurant or café incorporating bacon into your recipes, or a butcher looking to stock bacon offcuts, we’ve got some great ways you can promote their use to share with your customers.

The main difference between bacon rashers and bacon offcuts is their appearance, with the former being sliced so that it can be cooked as a whole rasher. The offcut, by contrast, comes in all shapes and sizes, so is more suitable for being chopped up and mixed with other ingredients. Despite the distinction in looks, the meat itself has the same great taste, so would work well as a flavourful addition to soups, vegetable and potato dishes.

To help you make the most out of this great little ingredient, here’s our menu of bacon offcuts options, taking you all the way from breakfast to dinner:

Breakfast ideas for bacon offcuts

For cafes or canteens serving up eggs in the morning – or even in an all-day breakfast – bacon offcuts could be used as an upgrade option to add something special to your scramble!

Bacon offcuts also work well as an extra in:

We can supply you with fresh eggs in a variety of quantities, delivered safely to your door. For your convenience, we also sell pre-prepared foods such as savoury breakfast muffins and frozen easy-to-cook omelettes - why not purchase and personalise by simply sprinkling over with your own bacon offcuts topping?

Lunch ideas for bacon offcuts

Bacon and eggs might be the power combination of the breakfast plate, but bacon offcuts really come into their own when combined with potato or pastry at lunchtime.

 We like using bacon offcuts for:

We supply frozen jacket potatos and hash browns for you to easily partner with our bacon offcuts, as well as shortcrust pastry to prepare a bacon-starring quiche Lorraine! If you prefer, purchase one of our delicious ready-made quiches and personalise by sprinkling over your own bacon offcuts.

Dinner ideas for bacon offcuts

Just like our smoked pancetta, bacon offcuts can be used as a great addition to pasta dishes for the dinner service. We’re thinking a classic creamy carbonara, or even added to a tomato pasta bake for a little extra flavour! 

Try adding bacon offcuts to:

Of course, no pasta dish would be complete without cheese – browse our great selection of exceptional quality cheeses here. We even have pre-grated or pre-sliced varieties for your convenience. 

Order with J.Buckland for great value top quality bacon offcuts and more!

J.Buckland are the wholesale meat suppliers you can trust to deliver on quality and value in the Essex, London and Kent area. We bring the Taste of 2020 to you with free next day delivery, fresh to your door! Contact our friendly team today on 01268 966056 to place your order.


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